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Parkways Park & Ride, Wednesbury

Breath of fresh air - Wind - Windmills A bold singular sculptural form representing the future. There are primarily three references in the use of the windmill form.

Firstly the windmill is associated with a cleaner form of energy generation, utilizing natural resources. This creates an interesting dialogue with powered electricity generators (now deconstructed.) and the existing large-scale pylons in the vicinity. Secondly the head of the windmill is reminiscent of an organic flower form representing new fresh growth. The flower symbolizes the spirit of regeneration - the evolution of the old heavy industries into new alternative, greener industries creating cleaner, fresher environments. Finally the wing shaped propellers represent the elemental theme of wind, natural mechanics and energy. It also represents a heavenly and historical symbol of optimism and aspiration.

The wing form therefore symbolizes the sense of freedom, optimism and aspirations for the future.