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A world of wonder will await when you stop inside the subway for an exhilarating sensory experience of colour, texture and light.

The flooring consists of fiber optic lighting cables encased in as composition of clear resin and crushed glass particles. the colour changes in the light reflect the presence of water.

Mounted on the ribs of the tunnel wall are series of planetary lights set into semi circular polished stainless steel tubes, which also have the capacity to change frequency to give the effect of light rippling and pulsating down the subway.

Representing Time and Movement, the lighting scheme intends to emulate different times of the day, dawn and dusk, evoking moods and atmospheres associated with the land and skyscapes and reflecting the rhythms and patterns that are created during the daily use of the subway.

A landing scheme further enhances the southern and northern approaches to the subway, with the construction of a new circular stairway, pathways and seating areas to make pedestrians more confident about using the subway.

The barren wasteland has been transformed into a new space which feels safer, warmer and more inviting.

The aim has been to create a sense of a green and pleasant meadowland by enhancing the existing planting and lanscaping and by creating an environment where wildlife can thrive - a green oasis in the middle of an urban jungle.